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GBInstagram is a modification of the number one photo sharing app Instagram.Instagram offers the best platform to share images, videos and stories in real time. But it has its limitations, and that is we can not download the images and videos from the application, among other deficiencies. But it has changed now, thanks to GBInstagram, with which we can download the images and videos directly on our smartphone.

Instagram is good in terms of privacy and we can share our images and videos and nobody can download them, the only way to download an image is by taking a screenshot, having to crop it and save it to our phone . On the other hand, when it comes to videos, nothing can be done.

What is GBInstagram ?

When it comes to the Instagram mods, the first thing that always comes to mind is GBInstagram, which allows users to enjoy downloading Instagram images and videos. This application is not updated for a long time, so the developer of GBWhatsApp created something called GBInstagram that allows users to download images, videos and Instagram stories.

The name of the GBInstagram developer is Atnfas Hoak, who also developed the application called GBWhatsApp. Atnfas Hoak worked with Osama Ghareeb and made possible GBInstagram, with which we can get extra functions on the original application.

The application is in constant development by its creators, so we can find even more extra features in the future, so that we can enjoy the current functions of Instagram and, in addition, we can also enjoy the hidden features of Instagram.

How does GBInstagram work?

This application is equal to Instagram,with some custom codes and small files that have been added in this application that helps users to enjoy personalizing the theme, and this is what makes GBInstagram the best application you can try on your Android phone.

If you are looking for other Instagram mods, then you will see that most mods need to have a device with root. You do not need a root device to add something extra to your official Instagram application but you need an application that helps you do everything in one go. GBInstagram allows users to download images, videos and everything in one click.

Features of GBInstagram

There are tons of features that you can enjoy with the help of GBInstagram. There are many users confused with the use of this application, but here you will find all the features of this application and how you can enjoy these features on your phone:

Copy Bio :

If you love someone’s biography, what you do is write that biography somewhere else and then copy and paste that biography into your profile. This takes a long time, right ?¬† With GBInstagram you can easily copy the bio to your clipboard with a single touch by going to the profile of your friends .This same features is also available in GBWhatsApp.

Copy Comments :

While the official Instagram does not allow its users to copy the comments of other users .With the help of GBInstagram you can easily copy the comments of your friends in a single click and you do not have to worry about anything. You just have to touch on the comment of your friends.

Different package name :

You can install the application in a dual way on your phone and manage it easily with just a few clicks without any problem. You may be thinking that this feature is available on the official Instagram, but you need to sign in with another account again and again. GBInstagram helps users to easily use 2 accounts from a phone .

Interface :

Whenever there is a new modified application launched there is a drawback that is that the application is never updated. The best part of the GBInstagram is that it is updated and based on the latest version. You do not have to worry about updates to the application, you can install the updates in a single click.

Download Button in Media :

Download media as Stories, Images and videos is so simple that you can download it in a single click and you do not have to worry about anything. You need to follow the instructions that we will discuss later.

Zoom profile pictures :

There is one of the biggest drawbacks in Instagram is that you can not see the profile picture of your friends and you can not zoom in. You have to download an external application that will help you download or enlarge the profile image. GBInstagram helps users to expand and see the image within the application.

Account notification:

The account notification will help users to know how many notifications they are receiving and this feature helps users to make their task-bar clean, simple and minimal. In addition, you will receive other important notifications.

No Ban Issues :

There are hundreds of mods available on Google and there are some problems in each of the mods so you could ban your account. The new GBInstagram and GBInstagram Plus have the feature that will help your account from getting banned.

Share / Copy Video / Images Url :

If you want to share the image or the videos you can simply send the URL of the particular post. If your friends have Instagram then they can open Instagram and they will find the same post without any effort. You can share these links in WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and much more.

No root is required :

If you want to add the download function on Instagram then you need to download the Xposed framework on your phone. Next, you must download the modules and add the download function. This application does not require root or weird stuff. You can install this application on your phone and download with just a few clicks without root.

Download Stories :

Instead of taking screenshots, GBInstagram allows users to download the stories and enjoy downloading the latest images from your friends and surprise them the way you downloaded the image to your phone.

Themes :

GBInstagram allows users to create the theme for the application according to their choice. This feature is still in the beta stage, but you can enjoy this feature on your device without any problem. You can download the themes on your phone and apply them whenever you want.

Additional features that may interest you:

  • Based on Instagram
  • Privacy: Hide View Status (Do not tell anyone that you have seen their Stories)
  • Preview videos / images
  • Ability to download more than 1 image at a time from a single post
  • Ability to zoom in profile photos
  • Ability to download videos / images
  • Possibility to share / copy URL
  • Ability to download stories
  • Possibility of thematic talks
  • Ability to copy comments
  • Ability to translate comments
  • Ability to Copy Biographies
  • Ability to support In-App Links
  • Option to start videos directly with sound.
  • Know who follows you.

How to download Images on Instagram with GBInstagram

This is the stage that most users find confusing. There is a reason why every user gets confused. They do not know how it works on your phone. Let me tell you one thing, downloading images is easy and it is not a difficult task.

If you want to download the images that are shown in the ads you should know that you can not download these images, this is a type of limitation on Instagram. Let’s wait some time and see if this function will be available in the future in the official application.

If you try to download the image from the Instagram application, you may get a force stop application. GBInstagram is different and if you want to download the images and videos then it is a bit different. If you want to know how to download these images, take a look at the tutorial shown below.

  • Go to Settings->Applications and look for Instagram in the application list.
  • Open the GBInsta application from the list.
  • Now, click on the permissions.
  • Allow all the permission for the GBInstagram application including the storage permission because you can download the images with the help of that permission.
  • Now, click on the Back button and check if everything is correct and make sure you do not erase the application data.
  • Open the GBInstagram application on your phone.
  • Search for any image you want to download to your phone.
  • Now in the image, you will find the menu key.
  • Click on that menu and press the Download button to download the image to your phone.

That is all! Now you will not get any errors or forced stop problems on your phone

How to download videos on Instagram with GBInstagram

If you want to download the videos on your phone, then you should make sure to follow all the instructions that we provide above. You should also make sure to follow the instructions and configure the application correctly on your Android phone.

  • Open the GBInstagram application on your phone and access your Instagram account.
  • Search for the video you want to download.
  • Now in the image, you will find the menu key.
  • Click on that menu and press the Download button to download the image to your phone.

That is all ! Now you will not get any errors or forced closing problems on your phone. Please make sure you are following the above procedure and allowing storage permission to download the images and videos on your phone.

How to download Stories on Instagram with GBInstagram

If you want to download stores, please make sure you are following the steps above and have followed the step of allowing the application permission. Only then can you download the stories on your phone.

  • Open your GBInstagram application.
  • Click on the stories of your friends.
  • There you will see the menu button.
  • Now you can download the images and videos in one click.

This is how you can download stories from Instagram in a single click without any problem.

Download GBInstagram for Android

Sure you are looking forward to download GBInstagram , but first you must take into account the only requirement, and that is that you have to have a device with a version of Android 4.0 or higher , something quite affordable these days.

How to install GBInstagram

First of all, you must activate the option “Install from unknown sources” or “Unknown sources”, sometimes depends on your device. To do this go to Phone Settings> Security.

Here you must choose whether to replace the official application or have two Instagram accounts.

If you want to replace your official Instagram with GBInstagram, first you have to uninstall the Instagram application and download GBInstagram PLUS.
If you like to have both official Instagram and GBInstagram  installed on your device then download GBInsta . Here it is not necessary to uninstall the official Instagram application. Simply install the downloaded APK.

You can install GBInstagram either with your Facebook or email, as you prefer

To log in through Facebook or to link the Facebook account

  • Uninstall / Deactivate the Facebook application
  • Install GBInstagram
  • Click on Log in with Facebook
  • Once you have logged in, you can install the FB application again.

If you want to login using the login data you can safely install the APK and click on Login – It is not necessary to uninstall the Facebook application

Download GBInstagram v1.60

GBInstagram PLUS | GBInsta

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