Social Media may pose as a threat to girls by increasing depression

Nowadays social media has become an important part of our lives. Everyone wishes to spend more time on this. But recently a report was published about the usage of social media which might surprise the girls. According to the report of this research, if girls spend more time on social media, they may be victims of depression. It increases the risk of depression among girls.

According to a report from News Agency Xinhua, this research was done at University College London (UCL) in Yvonne Kelly. In which researchers found that nearly 40 percent of the girls who spend more than five hours in a day on social media show signs of depression. That rate was found very little in boys. The boy is less than 15 percent. It included 11000 people aged 14 years of age.

According to a second report, according to another report the researcher can not say for sure that the use of social media has a bad effect on mental health, but after this research it can be said.

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