Registration For PUBG Lite Begins in India

The popular battle ground game PUBG has started the registration process for their upcoming Lite Version. The players can now register for lite version of this game from today. The best part of PUBG lite version is that there is no need for high-end graphics card in PC to play PUBG Lite .

Registration for all SAARC countries

The company has started the registration process simultaneously for all SAARC countries. Users of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Bhutan, Nepal and Maldives, who are involved in SAARC, can register for this.

PUBG Lite Registration

Registration for PUBG Lite is being done on the official website . If you already have a PUBG account then you only have to log in. As soon as you log in, you will see the Participation button for the event. After this, the steps on the website have to be followed. During registration, you will be asked about the platform you used to play the game (Steam, Xbox and PS4). The registration for beta access of PUBG Lite will be open till July 3.

PUBG Lite Rewards

Various in-game prizes will be given to the users those who register during the registration event which started today. These prizes include Tiger M46 and Cheetah parachute. However, if the number of users registering is more than 100k then PUBG players will be given Black Scarves, Punk Glasses and Bloody Combat Paint Gift. As soon as the registration figure reaches over 200k, the players are gifted with Gold PUBG scarves, Stripped long sleeves shirts and Red Sports Top. Code e-mail will be given to users for all these in-game rewards.

The PUBG Lite is currently not available to download and play. The users will be able to play this game only after the registration process is over. Those who register for beta version will receive a download link from PUBG team.

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