Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 within a year

Microsoft has officially announced that , it will stop providing support to their Windows 7 operating system. It is not surprising to see many people still running the old version of Windows on thier personal computers today.

Maybe people are refusing to switch to the Windows 10 service model, or their IT department is lazy, but seeing Windows 7 on a PC is still very common.

However, now it can be a good time to move forward. Indeed, Microsoft has announced that after a year, security updates or free support for Windows 7 will no longer be available.

Windows 7 proved to be a huge success for Microsoft. The Windows 8 came, which was somewhat liked by the users. This was followed by a major improvement to Windows 10, but Microsoft’s new updated-driven models and integrated ads removed many users from Microsoft’s latest operating system.

However, Windows 7 OS has been the most popular. According to analytics service net application, Windows 7 is currently running  in 42.8 percent of  systems. This is a very large number. It is believed that even after closing the update on Windows 7 from January 14, 2020, it will continue to be used in a large number of computers.

However, Microsoft will be insisting on switching users to Windows 10 by that date. It is being told that free support will be available for only one year. After this, security updates will be available only after paying some price for three years, which will go up every year.

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