Google Image Results Will Show Image Creators MetaData

Google search is a great tool for finding any kind of information but when it comes to finding images, we won’t be able to find the creator or credit information for a particular image and it becomes quite a difficult task.To overcome this Google has partnered with image organizations CEPIC and IPTC.

As part of the announcement, Google Images will hereafter also show creator and credit information metadata for the images whenever available. This metadata can be viewed by anyone by simply clicking on the three dot icon next to an image result and then choosing the “Image Credits” option. It will instantly show a pop-up mentioning Creator details.

Google further has plans of adding and showing copyright notice information which is likely to offer a clear and accurate copyright information about a particular job. These changes are expected to be beneficial for both users and image creators like photographers, photo agencies, and publishers. It will also work towards setting proper guidelines about how creators can add credit data to their creations correctly.

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